Jerry Pinto

Jerry Pinto is an award-winning author and poet who lives and works in a city by the sea that goes by many names. He has written several books for children, such as When Crows are White, Monster Garden, Phiss Phuss Boom, A Bear for Felicia, Mowgli and the Bear and Tickle Me, Don't Tickle Me, Poems for Magnificent, Turbo-Loaded, Triple-Charged Children. His work with Tulika includes the picture books – Hey, That's an A and Anya and her Baby Brother – as well contributions to the anthologies Read Aloud Stories and Being Boys.

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    G’s a C who puts on a moochie, Y stands on his head, and Z sleeps in your bed! With silly verse filled with fun puns and just enough tongue-in-cheek to keep readers of all ages tickled, this is a zany, never-before introduction to the English alphabet. Exuberant visuals play with letter shapes while a colourful cast dances, bounces and leaps across the...

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    Pouting and shouting – that’s what Anya has been doing ever since her baby brother came along. Because he is a “special child”, her mother says, and needs special care all the time. And Anya is fed up. Then along comes a butterfly – no, a butterbeing! – who takes her up into the clouds, where she sees how a bit of this and a bit of that is mixed together...