Kala Sashikumar

Kala Sashikumar enjoys dance and theatre and runs Saradhi, a school for dance and music. She has written songs and stories for popular children’s television programmes such as Chirakukal and Koothukaar. She translates many of Tulika’s books into Malayalam.

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    An endlessly entertaining tale from Kerala with repetitive text and animated pictures. Eecha the practical fly and her friend Poocha the greedy cat make delicious rice soup. While Eecha flies off to fetch a jackfruit leaf with which to spoon out the soup, Poocha watches over the pot. But Poocha is hungry, so hungry…

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    Big Hunter catches poor Deer in a net. Can Deer's friends help him escape? One of the more popular stories from the Panchatantra about friendship and resourcefulness, in a bilingual retelling. The illustrations have the strong lines and vivid colours of Bengal’s patachitra folk paintings used by storytellers as backdrops.