Kamla Bhasin

Kamla Bhasin specialised in Sociology of Development. As a result, her work with NGOs and women's groups equipped her to write extensively on women’s empowerment, rural development and sustainable agriculture. Her writings for children include Dhammak Dham: rhymes for children in Hindi, Urdu, English, Gujarati and Punjabi and Ulti Sulti Mito (Kali for Women). Kamla lives in New Delhi.

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    Tiger cub Sultan and his Ammi have a special friend they call Junglee Bina, who loves the jungle, and wanders there on her own for hours, taking photographs. It is these stunning photos that show us Sultan's life in the Ranthambore forest, even as he tells us the story of a warm relationship between a woman and the wild. Images drawn from folk toys meld...

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    Playful little Malu is in trouble! The adorable little polar bear growing up in the North Pole can’t resist running off to “where the sunbeams danced”. And then what happens? As the tale unfolds through her adventures, the lilting cadence of the writing draws another, larger, picture — about girls, what they can do too. Enchanting illustrations evoke the...