Kancha Ilaiah

Kancha Ilaiah is an Indian activist for Dalit rights, and a writer. His book Turning the Pot, Tilling the Land: Dignity of Labour in Our Times (Navayana Publishing) has been translated in the engaging and informative spirit of the original by educationist Aruna Rathnam. Paanai Seivom Payir Seivom: Nam Kaalathil Uzhaippin Madippu is the Tamil edition, published by Tulika.

  • Rs. 65.00

    Tackling troubling ‘taboo’ topics such as caste, race, and class, the book uses a creative and analytical approach to get young people to rethink disdain for manual labour. It also throws light on the social, economic and historic aspects of the lives of manual labourers, and highlights the science and art of their skills. This Tamil edition of Professor...