Keerthi Lingam

Keerthi is an engineer by profession and has been teaching for over 15 years. She has translated a couple of books into Telugu for Tulika.

  • Rs. 135.00

    Mannu the monkey has been waiting for this day – when the purply-shurply jamun are pulpy-shulpy ripe. But why isn’t there a single berry on or around the tree?

  • Rs. 165.00
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    One day, when Prime Minister Nehru opened his overstuffed mail bag, out tumbled hundreds of colourfully decorated letters — from children in Japan! “We have never seen a live elephant,” they said. “Could you kindly send us one from India?” This exuberant picture book takes readers across land and sea to tell how Indira, Ambika, Murugan and others became...

  • Rs. 150.00

    A dog suddenly appears on a street one day and decides to stay. So now he needs to be given a name. But he is too scrawny to be Laddoo, not furry enough to be Fluffy, and too much of a scaredy-dog to be Rambo... What do they call this dog? A warm and funny vignette of a typical Indian street with assorted people – and a friendly stray!

  • Rs. 175.00

    Asha’s first trip in her colourful auto every morning is to the flower market, where she buys a big bag of jasmine buds. Follow her through the week and through the city, as she picks up and drops off passengers at the railway station, the beach, the cricket stadium… stringing and selling jasmine all the way. Vibrant pictures liven up the route and offer...