Ken Spillman

Ken Spillman has authored around 60 books. His stories for children have been published around the world and in languages as diverse as French, Farsi and Vietnamese. He lives in Australia and has presented hundreds of sessions on books, writing and imagination to schoolchildren.

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    A little girl spills, drops, breaks, trips on things. She is called Clumsy, Slowcoach, Careless... words that scare away all other words. But in her head, words become stories and stories, pictures. With a box of paints and a brush, she sweeps herself away from the names people call her! Vivid watercolours lift her from her everyday milieu into a swirl of...

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    The five most venomous snake species can all be found in Australia’s Outback — and that’s where Jiyaa is headed on her first school camp since moving to Perth from Mumbai. Mom is NOT happy. Jiyaa is super-thrilled (though she’s trying to act cool).

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    Bookworm Advaita hates boarding school at Welham's in Dehradun — until she realises that her favourite author, Ruskin Bond, lives just half an hour away!