Krishna Bala Shenoi

Krishna Bala Shenoi has a deep interest in animation, photography, filmmaking and illustration… ‘just anything to tell a story’ as he puts it. He is particularly drawn to picture books, and says, “A good storybook can start a spark in the child’s mind and send them on their way to who-knows-where. And I want to take young people places.”

  • Rs. 200.00
    2 Review(s)

    A joyful tribute to multilingualism that says Mother and Father in 18 different languages – from Japanese to Kikuyu, Spanish to Finnish, Tulu to Tagalog... In addictive rhythm, just waiting to be read aloud, the text reflects amazing similarities across far-flung languages, while the illustrations capture the multi-ethnic, multicultural spirit. Shifting...

  • Rs. 175.00
    3 Review(s)

    Nani has gone. Forever. WHERE? asks Nina. Her mother grapples with answers but Nina won’t stop asking. Finally, she finds her own answers, through the warmth of memories, the comfort of imagination – and a little bit of natural science! The light touch and tone of the story along with the quietly reflective pictures treat the difficult subject of the loss...

  • Rs. 175.00
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    A dragon has to be punished by a boy. But neither know how to go about it, and they become friends instead. Sweeping through fantasy, reality and time, the author of the popular Aditi Adventures gives us a set of stories that once again takes children on a ride through magic realism. And with confused dragons, cricket playing giants, mirror books and...