Lata Mani

Lata Mani is a historian, poet and cultural critic. She has published on issues ranging from feminism to contemporary politics and spiritual philosophy. Her adventures with writing for children began in 2008 with a request for a story from her four-year-old nephew, and, as it can sometimes happen, one story led to another. Lata lives in Bengaluru.

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    When rock bees build a bee colony in Gowri's balcony, her mother decides to ask Mr Ramaiah, an expert on bees, for help. They don't have to be killed, the bee master tells Gowri and her mother. Just moved to a safer place, safe for us and for them. The little girl watches fascinated… And as she learns about bees and the environment, we too are drawn into...

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    Ali did not know how to really see until he looked closely at a spider's web through his father's camera... The nature of relationships in the human and natural world are subtly presented through warm illustrations and revealing photographs.

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    A warm afternoon, a fruit-laden tamarind tree, four boys in search of something to do… Join them as they pick the fruit and climb the tree. Loving attention to little details about the self, other and environment make magical a child's experience of the everyday. A dynamic tranquility pervades the story, drawing the reading child into a contemplative...