Lavanya Kapahi

Lavanya Devarajan from Bangalore, is the founder of TheMeStory. Passionate about stories, books and technology, she combines them all to create unique personalised story books for children. She believes the power of stories can empower children to grow into wonderful and effective individuals for a diverse world. As a mother, an aspiring children’s book author and an entrepreneur, she juggles her different roles, interests and responsibilities with enthusiasm. Previously, Lavanya worked in the IT industry both in the Silicon Valley and Bangalore. She is a BITS, Pilani graduate and also pursued her education at the University of Cincinnati.

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    “What colour shall I be?” wonders the baby bird. And as her feathered friends hop forward one by one to claim their own colour as best, they pick out hues from across the country. Pink like Kutch flamingos, purple like fiery Naga chillies, red like the Satpura’s palash, black like Bhadra panthers… Vibrant palettes take us on a visual journey across India,...

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    The wheels of a cycle, a merry-go-round, a spinning top… Kayu lives in his own quiet world filled only with circles and the patterns they make. One day, he sees a cricket ball spin and curve and jump before it strikes the bat, and he is onto something – a magical bowling spell with two hat-tricks! Inspired by a child with autism, the story makes the...