Mamata Pandya

Mamata Pandya is an educator, writer, storyteller and blogger. She loves, collects and translates children’s books, and is always excited to explore, discover and share words, and the world, with children. She is the granddaughter of one of Gujarat's foremost educationists and storytellers Gijubhai Badheka, and strives to carry forward his legacy by translating and retelling his stories. She has a long association with Tulika as a writer and translator.

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    Bhikhubhai's mouth waters for some coconut... fresh, juicy, grated, with a dash of sugar. But there aren't any in the house and he must go to the market for one. The problem is that he'd rather not pay for it! This hilarious folktale from Gujarat has pictures based on the stylised painted paper scrolls used by Garoda storytellers in northern Gujarat.

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    Through the window, a resplendent coral tree comes to life. One morning there is a burst of orange-crimson, and already the tree's many admirers have arrived: babblers, a langur, a rat snake... Evoking moods as varied as the creatures that inhabit the tree, the text pulsates with the energy and warmth of activity. Photographs beautifully capture the tree...