Mamta Nainy

Mamta Nainy is a children’s writer based in New Delhi. She spent some years in advertising before an apple fell on her head while she was sitting under a mango tree, and she had her Eureka moment. She has been writing for children since then. She loves travelling but is too lazy to do it, so she mostly makes do with reading. She can usually be spotted next to a pile of children’s books, chuckling to herself! Her first book with Tulika is Lila’s Loose Tooth.

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    Ammi weaves the most beautiful sarees, but never gets to wear any of them. Her two little daughters decide to do something about it – break their piggy bank! But is there enough in it to buy Ammi her very own saree? This gentle story goes into the home of a weaver’s family, and lets warmth and affection add colour to their lives. Engaging visual details...

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    All the children in Lila’s class are beginning to lose their teeth and have exciting stories to tell. One buried it in the ground for the mouse to take, another got a shiny coin from the tooth fairy. Lila waits impatiently for her tooth to wiggle… Action-filled pictures bring out her eager wait in a story that every child with jiggly teeth will love!...