Mangai is the pseudonym of Dr V. Padma, who teaches English in Stella Maris College, Chennai. She has been actively engaged in Tamil theatre as an actor, director and playwright for over two decades. She is a founder-member of several local theatre groups. Gender and translation studies are her other areas of interest. Mangai hopes that her academic, activist and artistic selves can find a vibrant intersection. She has translated many books into Tamil.

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    The quiet villages of Sundarban are terrorised by a monster with wild eyes, sharp teeth, striped skin and pointed nails — Dokkhin Rai! Until finally, Bon Bibi, protector of the forests and people, asks him a simple question: Why do you do this? The answer to this question is central to the age-old theme of human-animal harmony. Set in the lush and...

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    It's time to get ready for school and the little girl in this book is still in a world of dreams – of tigers, elephants, the sea... And as she tries to hurry up, her grandmother tells her the secret of what made her father go to school. Inspired by the author’s father's experience at a government-aided school, the text and pictures capture the child's...

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    One me and many friends, one pond and many fishes… So much fun in so many! A book about the one and the many in our world full of differences, with illustrations that capture that world in joyous detail.