Mita Bordoloi

Mita Bordoloi spent her teenage years in Assam in northeastern India at the edge of Kaziranga National Park, by the banks of the Brahmaputra river, around orchids her father collected avidly. Quite naturally, she is passionate about environmental issues, flora and bamboo. She now lives with her professor husband in the USA, not far from the Mississippi river. She writes stories for children and adults.

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    Bumoni’s big backyard, just outside the Kaziranga National Park, is bursting with banana trees. Then one night a herd of wild elephants crosses the river, discovers the trees, and gorges on them. Bumoni’s family is very upset – how do they keep the elephants away? Bumoni has an idea! But then, what will the elephants eat now? Spare but dramatic pictures...

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    Bulbuli lives in a bamboo house in a bamboo grove, and is busy in her little bamboo world from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to sleep. Just following Bulbuli around, this story told in a rhythmic, cumulative style spotlights bamboo to make a simple green statement. Words and pictures communicate a very real sense of the versatility of bamboo...