Nanda Devi B G

Nanda Devi works as a teacher and is an artist. She enjoys writing poems and stories in her mother tongue Kannada.

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    Sometimes, ‘lots and lots and lots of rain’ is frightening — when water comes into homes and washes everything away. Big Rain was written when the author tried to explain to her three-year-old how the devastating floods in Kerala had affected family and friends and so many, many others. It talks to children through very simple text and evocative visuals,...

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    The gular, or cluster fig, flower is very very beautiful, everyone says, and Renchu is desperate to see it. But is it red and big, pink and small, or white and shining like a star? Does it bloom during full moon in the month of Magh or of Kartik? There are many stories, all different, and only the really lucky get to see it. As she goes about her day...