Nirupama Raghavan

Nirupama Raghavan is from Arasavanangadu, near Tiruvarur. Entirely home-schooled by parents who run a unique school called Shikshayatan, Nirupama was only sixteen when Tulika published her translation of Parthiban Kanavu by renowned Tamil writer, Kalki. Pavo and Cavo, a picture book Tulika published in 2006, was conceived when she was only eight years old! Nirupama has been a volunteer teacher at her parents' school and intends to get proficient in several foreign languages.

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    A curious crow comes across the palace of the rich and elegant king of birds, Pavo Cristatus the peacock. Soon after, Pavo has a visitor — a cousin, Cavo Pristatus, from Africa who looks like a peacock, but is not quite one. Who is he? This cheerful tongue-in cheek story with flamboyant pictures combines the themes of the weak outwitting the strong and...

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    The Chola ruler King Parthiban has a dream… he wants to make his empire the most powerful in the region. However, before he can do this, he is killed in battle. With the rising might of the Pallavas, how is his young son to fulfil this dream? A dramatic moment in history is recreated in this racy thriller by a master raconteur! With heart-stopping twists...