P Anuradha

P. Anuradha is a dalit writer and school teacher. With training in sociology and elementary education and a passion for writing for children, she hopes to work towards the creation of a more egalitarian culture through the stories of marginalised communities and in which issues on children and children's literature are discussed. Under the Neem Tree is a part of 'Different Tales', a project of Anveshi Research Centre for Women's Studies, Hyderabad, in which Anuradha participated.

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    The illustrations carry the energy of earthy rangoli patterns into the story about a child's dicovery of dots, lines and flower designs.

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    Who should get more rottis — Ookamma or Ookaiah? The coming together of two stories, one real and one folk, gives the telling a tender yet amusing twist. Well known artist A.V. Ilango's strong, flowing lines recreate the earthy ambience of rural Andhra. 2018: Best of Indian Children's Writing: Contemporary

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    Drums beating, cymbals clashing, trumpets blowing… the town of Puri by the sea is festive. It is the day of the temple Ratha Jatra and Pria wonders why the idols of Jagannatha, Subhadra and Balabhadra are unlike any other gods she has seen. Some say that’s how Jagannatha looked when he lived deep in the forest, her grandmother tells her. And so starts off...