P Rajagopal

P.Rajagopal and his wife Hanne M. de Bruin, started the Kattaikuttu Sangam in 1990 in Kancheepuram, a union that fights for better socio-economic conditions for its players. A well-known Kattaikuttu actor himself, he set up the Kattaikkuttu Youth Theatre School and is its principal teacher and artistic director. He also writes and directs plays and conducts workshops. He wrote Aiyappan and the Magic Horse with Hanne and Evelien Pullens. The play, Maya Kudirai (The Magic Horse), has been translated from Tamil into English by Hanne and published by Tulika.

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    The first comprehensive book for slightly older readers that traces the Olympic movement in India. Exploring the seven Olympic and Paralympic values through the lives of Indian sportspeople, it also includes a brief history of the Games from ancient times, hilarious comic strips, timelines, news reports, trailblazers and perspectives.

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    Most of the time Selvi's little village of peanut farmers lies forgotten. But once a year it springs to life – when the archaeologists come to excavate the river-bed for tools of prehistoric ancestors. These ancestors were hominids who lived more than half a million years ago, and their stone tools are what the villagers call chakka kal, meaning 'shining...

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    Fifteen-year-old Aiyappan lives in Kanchipuram. In school, he learns Maths, Science, Languages, Computers… and Kuttu. His teacher has written a play especially for the students – about an encounter between children and aliens. The script is presented in this book, and includes stage directions so that the reader can perform it. The narrative offers...

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    The devas are at the gates of the asura kingdom, raring to wage war. But the asuras turn up unarmed and jolly! Is their king, Hasyasura, up to something? Does he have a secret weapon? Indra, king of the gods, is suspicious. Narada sends Hasya sura, the teen deva, as spy from the sky to uncover the plans of his almost-namesake down under. There, in the...

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    Move over, petrified princesses in towers. Stand back, sword bucklers. These audacious girls are their own saviours! What do you think happens when Snow White, Cinderella and gang meet an author who wonders: "Now what would any red-blooded girl with brains do in such a situation?" Six leading ladies decide not to stick to the script, and take us instead...

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    Tired of life in Mumbai with his Chacha and Chachi, Arif runs away. He hops onto a train to Chennai, then smuggles himself onto a boat going to… the Andaman islands! Rich with adventure and humour, full of the wonders of nature, this book is also filled with details about the unique, misunderstood world of the Jarawa, a tribe in the Andamans whose very...

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    This pack includes picture books from the runaway hit series, Gajapati Kulapati Gajapati Kulapati  Gajapati Kulapati Kalabalooosh! Gajapati Kulapati Gurrburrrooom Gajapati Kulapati Kalicha Kulicha! Gajapati Kulapati Kweeeeeeeee!

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    Amidst jhamak-tamak sunsets and groves of Malgova mangoes, whirling winds and growling thunderheads, maxi taxis and leafy forests, meet a remarkable cast of two- and four-legged characters in 15 entertaining stories meant to be read aloud. Written in prose and verse by a list of well-known writers, all are rich with sound, rhythm and repetition, slipping...