Parikshit Suryavanshi

Parikshit Suryavanshi is a nature lover and freelance translator. He has translated several books and articles from English and Hindi to Marathi and vice versa.

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    Ammi weaves the most beautiful sarees, but never gets to wear any of them. Her two little daughters decide to do something about it – break their piggy bank! But is there enough in it to buy Ammi her very own saree? This gentle story goes into the home of a weaver’s family, and lets warmth and affection add colour to their lives. Engaging visual details...

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    Every day Soosaiamma sets off selling things from her cart. And every day little Anbu follows the delicious smells coming from her lunchbox. Does he get anything to eat? Amid familiar sights and sounds, this simple story about finding a friend uses playful repetition for a fun read-aloud experience.

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    What do Mimi and Gulu see in the sky? Laddoos, flowers, a bear... The sky is the limit as two children go cloud watching! Muted pastel colours create a soft, fluffy feel for a playful story that unfolds in the blue sky and on the ground!

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    Jokhu is the biggest, scariest, championest jokhini in the bamboo grove. She sits in a tree and makes everyone who goes by, from babies to bullies, shriek with fear. But one day, she meets a little girl whom she simply cannot scare. What will Jokhu do now? If she can’t be scary, then what can she be?Bold, dramatic pictures make the many demons from...

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    A dog suddenly appears on a street one day and decides to stay. So now he needs to be given a name. But he is too scrawny to be Laddoo, not furry enough to be Fluffy, and too much of a scaredy-dog to be Rambo... What do they call this dog? A warm and funny vignette of a typical Indian street with assorted people – and a friendly stray!