Praba Ram

Praba Ram is the co-founder of Saffron Tree, a site dedicated to reviewing children's books from the India and the US, particularly those with a strong multicultural thrust. For Tulika, Praba has co-authored Dinaben and the Lions of Gir and Bijoy and the Big River along with long-time friend Meera Sriram who is the other half of Saffron Tree. Passionate about children's books, Praba also enjoys traveling and dreaming over steaming cups of chai.

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    Can you taste with your toes? Or see with your ears? Or, at least, smell with your hair? No? Well, there are creatures around you that can! Take a peek into an intriguing world to discover the different ways in which animals do things that are ‘normal’. And look out for the funny bits in the pictures.

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    Dinaben is a Maldhari and her village is right in the middle of the Gir forest where the lions live. How does she live? What does she do? This book offers glimpses into the many aspects of life in the forest through simple text and photographs. 

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    This river jumps out of a horse’s mouth, all set for adventure! Piercing through forbidding mountain ranges, he races down from Tibet through northeastern India. Changing form and name as he rushes along, this mighty ‘son of Brahma’ connects an incredible mix of people, places and ways of life. A set of four books that flow down with some of India’s...