Ramya Satheesh

Ramya Satheesh is a home maker who is passionate about books, music and food. Currently she is training to be a psychotherapist.

  • Rs. 120.00

    Squiggles and swirls, loops and curls, diamonds and dots... and a small surprise! The little girl watches as her mother traces the cool, moist patterns on her palm. Then comes the waiting. The henna must dry, nothing must touch it – and she can be patient no longer! The art of drawing with henna takes on a little girl’s infectious thrill as decorative...

  • Rs. 135.00
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    All the children in Lila’s class are beginning to lose their teeth and have exciting stories to tell. One buried it in the ground for the mouse to take, another got a shiny coin from the tooth fairy. Lila waits impatiently for her tooth to wiggle… Action-filled pictures bring out her eager wait in a story that every child with jiggly teeth will love!...

  • Rs. 135.00
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    Playtime on the terrace takes a turn when a strong wind sweeps Chhotu off his feet and carries him up and away to the clouds and the birds! The light and lively illustrations whirl us to the sky and back.

  • Rs. 165.00

    Every day Soosaiamma sets off selling things from her cart. And every day little Anbu follows the delicious smells coming from her lunchbox. Does he get anything to eat? Amid familiar sights and sounds, this simple story about finding a friend uses playful repetition for a fun read-aloud experience.

  • Rs. 175.00
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    “We were late. We were running in the street. We had played in the river, and we had climbed trees...” Everything Amma had said NOT to do! Proiti Roy’s joyous pictures light up the bond between a boy and a dog. Woven into this story of everyday fun are sensory descriptions, and visual details like a walking stick in the boy’s hand or pocket, the dog...