Rekha Menon

Rekha Menon has worked in public relations, media management, television programming and production. She has handled media relations for Toonz Animation for their southeast Asia operations, and has been active at the media desk of all International film festivals of Kerala. Currently, Rekha heads Media Relations and Corporate Communications at an IT company. She manages to find time to anchor a popular quiz show, on air now for seven years! She also scripts children’s television programmes and translates children’s books into Malayalam.

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    Using a simple, direct approach this book presents a basic concept – it encourages children to recognise forms through lines and circles and observe them in the world around them. As the two forms come together to create various images, the narrative builds on the concept to tell a story. The pictures have been inspired by folk toys.

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    Amminikutty Amma picks out the last peppercorn from her spice box to make some tasty onion chutney. But little Kurumolagu has no intention of being ground and eaten just yet. With a desperate Amminikutty Amma hot on his heels, he hops, jumps, skids, brakes, revs and races his way away. This “beautifully told and very charming story” was chosen for an...

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    Pranav says he is drawing a picture. But his mother sees nothing on the page! What is Pranav drawing? The narrative and freewheeling illustrations follow the simple, spontaneous logic of a child's mind. CBSE recommended

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    The lights go off and Thangi can't find Thambi. He's not in the cupboard, he's not behind the door, he's not under the bed. Where could he be? This beginner reader is part of the Thumb Thumb Books series, created around the common thumbprint and featuring Thumb Thumb Thangi and Thumb Thumb Thambi. Short sentences, bold type and vibrant visuals make entry...

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    After a school trip to the zoo, Amma is surprised that Meera has seen no animals – not a monkey, a lion, or even a giraffe... But why did Meera see no animals there? Her lively mother forgets to ask! Zestful pictures capture the hilarious inversion of role play.