Sandhya Rao

Sandhya Rao is one of the finest writers for children in India. Her books have won awards and accolades: My Friend the Sea won the Ambitious Children’s Book Project award at the Berlin Children and Youth Literature Festival, 2005. My Mother’s Sari was chosen as an Outstanding International Book, 2007, by the United States Board for Books for Young People (USBBY) and the Children’s Book Council. Rights to the book have been sold for USA, Canada, Australia and the U.K. In 1996, she joined Radhika Menon to create multilingual books for children at a time when independent children’s publishing in India was nascent. She has written over 20 books. Chennai-based Sandhya has an eclectic taste in books, music and films and loves listening to stories, especially real stories. She works at The Hindu

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    Big, burly Tarlochan is a champion wrestler, eager for some real challenge. The pictures for this robust folk fantasy from Punjab imbibe the spirit of its fun-loving feisty people. Phulkari, 'flower-work' embroidery typical of Punjab, adds richness to the illustrations.

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    The first comprehensive book for slightly older readers that traces the Olympic movement in India. Exploring the seven Olympic and Paralympic values through the lives of Indian sportspeople, it also contains hilarious comic strips, timelines, news reports, trailblazers and perspectives.

  • Rs. 100.00
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    A well researched and attractively designed book for younger readers with stories about little known, differently abled and well known Indian sportspeople. Anecdotes, timelines and milestones trace the evolution of the Games. Activities engage children more closely with sport, sporting issues and the sporting spirit.

  • Rs. 200.00

    Text, pictures and design combine in a unique way to make this photo-biography of a deified personality meaningful to readers today. An engaging exploration of Gandhiji's life and ideas.

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    Bits and pieces come together to form patterns in this kaleidoscope of pictures cut and pasted, comments thrown in, random information, quibbles and scribbles… and empty pages to fill.

  • Rs. 75.00

    Trained to be king from the time he was 12 years old, Tipu was a bold and fearless boy – no wonder, then, that he chose the tiger for a mascot! Here’s a tale of how this Tiger of Mysuru challenged the growing might of the British in the late 18th century.

  • Rs. 75.00

    Manu was always different. Unlike other girls of her time, she went to school, learnt to ride and shoot. Later, as Rani Lakshmibai, she bravely told the British, “I will not give up Jhansi!” And it is Rani of Jhansi fighting on horseback that is still the most inspiring image of India’s First War of Independence in 1857.

  • Rs. 75.00

    A battle over salt? Yes, fought the Gandhi way! What guns and soldiers could not do, he did simply, quietly and non-violently, just by picking up a lump of salt. Follow Gandhiji’s famous march to Dandi to see the brilliant strategy that made the British give in and the world take notice.

  • Rs. 75.00

    “At the stroke of the midnight hour... India will awake to life and freedom,” declared Nehru the night before Independence. But along with joy, there was also the trauma of Partition... Children’s voices from all over the country capture different shades of that momentous time in India’s history.

  • Rs. 120.00

    A fictional story of a boy caught in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami offers a way for children to come to terms with natural calamities. Warm photographs reinforce images of bonding.