Saudha Kasim

Saudha Kasim is a Bengaluru based illustrator. Kabir, the Weaver Poet and Journey to the City of Six Gates are the books she has done with Tulika.

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    Mystic weaver, radical reformer, loved and hated equally in his time... The simple wisdom of Kabir’s famous dohas makes him one of the most frequently quoted poets even today. This novel traces one day in Kabir's life, from daybreak to midday to nightfall, threading fact, legend and poetry. Spare visuals before each section continue Kabir's favourite...

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    Enemies have abducted Princess Mati’s parents. She and her brother Satya are secretly spirited away by the loyal Jaya Prabhasa. As they journey through a world they have never known in their sheltered existence, they acquire extraordinary skills to survive perilous forests and swamps. But are these sufficient to help them rescue their parents? This...