Sayan Mukherjee

A graduate of the Indian Art College, Kolkata, Sayan Mukherjee is a young advertising professional, passionate about illustration.

  • Rs. 175.00
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    Ma buys the perfect present for her little Tokai from a pavement hawker – a toy bird that repeats everything it hears. The problem starts when Ma can't make it stop! There is mayhem in the middle of busy, busy Dalhousie Square, with a stalled bus and an angry policeman. Will Tokai get his present after all? Bright, bold pictures set off this hilarious...

  • Rs. 250.00
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    G’s a C who puts on a moochie, Y stands on his head, and Z sleeps in your bed! With silly verse filled with fun puns and just enough tongue-in-cheek to keep readers of all ages tickled, this is a zany, never-before introduction to the English alphabet. Exuberant visuals play with letter shapes while a colourful cast dances, bounces and leaps across the...

  • Rs. 160.00
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    Little i hops out of the computer to play with her friends but they are too busy. Peeved, she decides to have her own fun – zapping letters and making them disappear. What follows is complete confusion! Suniti Namjoshi is back with the familiar cast – Aditi, Monkeyji, Siril the ant, and Beautiful the elephant – of her popular Aditi Adventures series, and...

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    "Come in for a haircut! You choose... We cut!" says the sign outside a hair cutting saloon, so a lion walks in to do just that. But where is everyone? And who are these other lions staring at him? Well, by the end of the story we know why lions DON’T have haircuts – in spite of the alluring array of mane makeovers the illustrator offers!