Shakunlata Kushram

Shakunlata Kushram is a Gond tribal who paints in the style of the Gondi Bhitti Chitra – the highly detailed art form done by her community on the walls of their homes. Her interest in painting started when her husband, also an artist, encouraged her to fill in outlines of pictures in her free time through the day. She quickly grew into an artist in her own right, and has taken part in art workshops and shows across the country. She lives in Bhopal with her husband and two children.

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    There was a time when happiness began to leak out of the world. Everything dried up. No colour, no food, no smiles – only hunger, sadness and quarrels. One old woman decided that something had to be done, and she heard from the wind about a magical fish that lived in a green-green lake... Told by a Gond storyteller and illustrated by a Gond artist, this...