Shekar Dattatri

Shekar Dattatri's fascination with wildlife began at 13 when he joined the Madras Snake Park as a volunteer. This led to an interest in photography and filmmaking. Several of his award-winning documentaries on wildlife such as Silent Valley, an Indian Rainforest and The Ridley’s Last Stand have been shown around the world. Over the last few years he has been focussing on conservation, and his films on the olive ridley turtle, and mining in Kudremukh, Mindless Mining, have gone a long way in impacting policy. His efforts to raise environmental awareness recently won him Sweden’s Edberg Foundation award. The theme of conservation also runs through his three books with Tulika: Lai-Lai the Baby Elephant, Riddle of the Ridley and Ira the Little Dolphin. Shekar lives in Chennai.

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    SPLASH! Ira does happy backflips in the calm waters of Odisha’s Chilika Lake. But she and the other friendly Irrawady dolphins must be mindful of the hidden dangers that lurk all around. The author, a well-known wildlife filmmaker and conservationist, spent many weeks observing these dolphins while making a film on Chilika Lake. Brilliant photographs...

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    Lai-Lai the baby elephant is curious and playful but, like all little children, stays close to his mother. The world of elephants is explored through stunning photographs by the award-winning wildlife filmmaker, drawing the child into the forest. The informative text has lovable elephant cartoons alongside. 

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    The 'arribada' or arrival of thousands of olive ridley sea turtles for mass nesting on some beaches of Odisha is one of nature's amazing spectacles. Yet thousands of these gentle reptiles die every year due to callous fishing practices and human apathy. Through unique photographs, ridley facts, and a narrative born out of first-hand experience,...