Sowmya Rajendran

Sowmya Rajendran has published several books with Tulika. Her writing evokes strong themes with wit and lightness. From Aana and Chena to The Pleasant Rakshasa and Wings to Fly, Sowmya has always shown her ability to handle strong themes with sensitivity.

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  • Rs. 95.00
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    It's time to get ready for school and the little girl in this book is still in a world of dreams – of tigers, elephants, the sea... And as she tries to hurry up, her grandmother tells her the secret of what made her father go to school. Inspired by the author’s father's experience at a government-aided school, the text and pictures capture the child's...

  • Rs. 150.00
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    Suddenly the lights go off and the house is plunged into darkness. There’s a power cut! Mother lights a candle, and there begins a game of elephant, cat, deer, snake and more. Then the power comes back. Where do the animals go?

  • Rs. 75.00
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    Aana the elephant doesn't like his looks, but his friend Chena the yam says he's beautiful. How? asks Aana. Endearing conversation and pictures that say, be yourself!

  • Rs. 135.00
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    Keshav's favourite game is to hide in a rolled up mat and pretend he is travelling to all the places he has marked in his atlas. And he is delighted when he discovers that his friend, Lobsang, is really from a place that he has marked in his map – Tibet! A charmingly imagined story that explores the reality of exile and the longing for home. Charm and...