Vaishali Shroff

Vaishali Shroff is a writer, editor, columnist and storyteller. Her stories reflect her travels and experiences with her toddler. You can often find Vaishali by a window, staring away at a story. Raindrops and Ari are her two books with Tulika.

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    Ari may be shy, but he knows he will make a wonderful lion in the class play. But he is neither noticed nor chosen. Then, suddenly in his room a roaring, growling, prowling creature comes to life! The flat illustrative style with its strong kitschy palette gets away from usual depictions of the ‘soft, sensitive' child, and captures the energy and fun of...

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    It is pouring rain. From her window, little Anju sees familiar scenes of a rainy day – cloudy skies, umbrellas, puddles… But her curious eyes pick up other surprises too, while her imagination plays with the raindrops sliding down her window pane. Soft watercolours drench the pages with the mood of a wet, wet day. 2018: Best of Indian Children's Writing:...