Vaishali Shroff

Vaishali Shroff is a writer, editor, columnist and storyteller. Her stories reflect her travels and experiences with her toddler. You can often find Vaishali by a window, staring away at a story. Raindrops and Ari are her two books with Tulika.

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    Ari may be shy, but he knows he will make a wonderful lion in the class play. When he is neither noticed nor chosen, what does he do? Bold, kitschy pictures capture Ari's transformation into a roaring, growling lion!

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    HURRY! LAST 10 COPIES! It is pouring rain. From her window, little Anju sees familiar scenes of a rainy day — cloudy skies, umbrellas, puddles… But her curious eyes pick up other surprises too. Soft watercolours drench the pages with the mood of a wet, wet day. 2018: Best of Indian Children's Writing: Contemporary