Vishakha Chanchani

Vishakha Chanchani is an artistic explorer. With a Masters in illustration from MS University, Vadodara, she has written and illustrated books for children and been an art educator and workshop facilitator in Bengaluru for over 25 years. She has a small crafts unit called The Crafts Studio where she explores craft as a process, as a connection to the environment, and as a space that allows song, story, nature, material and adventure to unfold together. The House that Sonabai Built won the Darsana National Award for Excellence.

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    From oppressive loneliness, Sonabai Rajawar 'makes' her way into a world of beauty and joy! This sensitive telling of her story follows her artistic journey from her first creations in clay, experiments with colours and light, play with pattern and design, to being embraced by the art world. Rich photographs make for a fascinating introduction to the life...

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    How did art begin? Where did colour come from, before paints in tubes and bottles? Taking a long step back in history, this book explores how the world's first artists may have tried their hand on the very first canvases — the walls of rocks and caves. Arising more from artistic imagination than archaeology, this story of art unfolds with photographs of...