Andamans Boy (English)

Author : Zai Whitaker
Illustrator : Ashok Rajagopalan

Running away from unkind relatives, Arif journeys alone all the way from Mumbai to the Andamans... where he encounters the misunderstood Jarawa tribals, threatened with ‘development'. A story rich with adventure, humour and concern for the environment.

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Age 10+
Specifications 148 pages; 9.5” x 6.5”; black & white; soft cover
Rights sold Dutch (worldwide), German (worldwide), Korean (worldwide)
ISBN 978-81-8689-514-6
First Published 1998
Tags adventure, journey to the Andamans, Jarawas, environment, development, friendship, humour

Tired of life in Mumbai with his Chacha and Chachi, Arif runs away – far, far away. He hops onto a train going to Chennai. From there he smuggles himself onto a boat going to . . . the Andaman islands! Rich with adventure and humour, full of the wonders of nature, the book is also filled with details about the unique, misunderstood world of the Jarawa, a tribe in the Andamans whose very survival is being threatened, especially by the forces of so-called development. Nature drawings by Indraneil Das are beautifully offset by soft pencil sketches of the adventure by Ashok Rajagopalan.