Facts are often springboards for more questions that sometimes have to be filled in through the imagination – and a dash of fiction peps up ‘boring’ facts, making them easier to remember. This series is that winning combination of both!

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    Are there really diamonds hidden in Bhedaghat? What happens when crocodiles chase Kanmani during a boat ride in the Andamans? And what on earth is Raja the donkey doing in Ramoji Film City? Did you know the world's highest international cricket stadium is in Himachal? Or that dinosaurs roamed Gujarat 65 million years ago? Stories and fascinating facts...

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    How was everyday life for children long ago? Did they have pets? What sort of games did they play? In this book, imagination takes off from carefully researched fact to create ten fascinating stories of children from times past, spanning India's history from around 3500 BCE onward. Alongside are bits of interesting information, finely-etched collages, and...

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    After pathbreaking innovations in wireless communication, pioneering scientist Jagadish Chandra Bose turned to the world of plants. In this first-of-its-kind comic book, the maverick scientist’s journey is imagined through the eyes of Mimosa Pudica – the ‘touch-me-not’ plant he used extensively in his research. Extracts from a well-known speech and an...

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    What could Caesar's general have in common with multiplication and weights? Or a Russian waiter with factorials? Or a temple in Hanoi with transposition? A Chinese emperor with Benjamin Franklin? This collection of stories from different countries sets the brain ticking, encourages problem-solving skills, and has a high quotient of fun! Each story is...

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    Most of the time Selvi's little village of peanut farmers lies forgotten. But once a year it springs to life – when the archaeologists come to excavate the river-bed for tools of prehistoric ancestors. These ancestors were hominids who lived more than half a million years ago, and their stone tools are what the villagers call chakka kal, meaning 'shining...

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