• Rs. 325.00
    11 Review(s)

    This powerful film-to-novel sits deep in the clash between adivasis, naxalites, the CRPF and a rapacious mining company. But at the heart is little Oonga. Desperate to see a performance of ‘Sitaharan’, he goes on an epic journey to the big city – to return as the blue adivasi prince of the forest, Rama himself! And, Rama-like, he takes on the gun-wielding...

  • Rs. 265.00

    Tiana Singhal’s life has been floating along fine, especially with the plum internship in a well-known firm. And then, without warning, it catapults into chaos. She finds herself fleeing from she doesn’t know what and there are questions to her hazy past for which she must find answers. Who is the girl in her nightmare? Who is the stranger in the mirror?...

  • Rs. 200.00
    1 Review(s)

    In this alphabet symphony, imagination is unfettered and there's no need to play by the rules, except to get away from the ‘sullen, surly, sombre' use of language From A to zany Z, the 26 letters freely frolic in nonsense verse along with witty and refined illustrations. Funny and perceptive at once, this book is an invitation to a joyous, liberating and...

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