Jump Write In! – A scrapbook of creative writing

Author : Sandhya Rao

Weave your dream into a story, then turn it into a play, or simply play with words! Celebrated children’s writer Sandhya Rao nudges budding young writers to leap into the imagination with pencils in hand.


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Age 8+
Specifications 36 pages; 10.5” x 8.5”; black and white; soft cover
ISBN 978-93-90834-22-8
First Published 2021
Tags scrapbook, activity, creative writing, word games, Sandhya Rao

Grab that thought, hold on to that idea, write it down – and it could be the start of your very own book! Acclaimed children’s author Sandhya Rao draws children into the exciting world of words and writing with a string of activities that stir the imagination, stoke the mind, and spur on creativity. All you have to do is... jump in and play the game!