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    Ammi weaves the most beautiful sarees, but never gets to wear any of them! Her two little daughters decide to do something about it – break their piggy bank… Selected for the Tata Trust's Parag Honour List 2021

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    From a childhood around music to the highs of a performer who took the tabla to the world, this joyous story introduces children to the musical genius, whose busy fingers and flying curls make him the inimitable Zakir Hussain. Selected for the Tata Trust's Parag Honour List 2021 Also available in limited edition English hardcover

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    Sometimes, ‘lots and lots and lots of rain’ is frightening — when water comes into homes and washes everything away. Big Rain was written when the author tried to explain to her three-year-old how the devastating floods in Kerala had affected family and friends and so many, many others. It talks to children through very simple text and evocative visuals,...

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    Gundu and Keeri Humongoose take a decision! To move out of the jungle! And so begins their adventure into the unknown… filled with danger from two-legged creatures. Funny and quirky, the story is sprinkled with concerns about the environment, and with little-known mongoose traits that author Zai Whitaker knows well – she’s had them as pets!

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    “This is a story of three things that happened in my school yesterday. I did not understand them. Maybe you will.” An everyday school story about friends and playing, bullying and sharing, takes a gentle turn. For it is told by Manna, and she has Down’s Syndrome. Winner of the 2020 FICCI Publishing Award –  Children's Book of the Year – Hindi translation